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Cooking tips

The Italian tradition is rich and gives us thousands of creative recipes to draw from. However, there are some rules and some tricks that can be useful for those who do not know how to cook pasta or want to refine their technique.

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Since the Middle Ages, the main wheat milling places that supplied the city of Naples, capital of the homonymous kingdom, were the territory of Gragnano in the Gulf of Naples and the area between Vietri and Amalfi in the Gulf of Salerno

The position of Gragnano, unlike that of the other wheat milling areas, has always seemed magically placed in that exact place to make pasta production perfect: the huge and constant quantity of water from its various streams, essential to supplying the energy necessary for the driving force of the mills and pure water for the production of the pasta itself, the proximity to the slopes of the Lattari Mountains from which to naturally draw the fresh winds for drying the pasta, the location in a sunny valley and with the right percentage of humidity, the proximity to the sea and, therefore, to the ports for the supply of grain and the loading of ships with the sublime pasta produced

Only 100% Italian wheat

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Pastificio F.lli Iozzino srls

Via Castellammare, 130

80054 Gragnano NA

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