The Italian tradition is rich and gives us thousands of creative recipes to draw from. However, there are some rules and some tricks that can be useful for those who do not know how to cook pasta or want to refine their technique. These are simple rules and basic procedures, which allow everyone to learn how to make a nice plate of pasta, to be seasoned with the sauce you prefer. Let's see how to cook pasta, but first let's try to analyze what are the conditions for cooking to be simple and perfect in success.

To cook 500 grams of pasta, then the classic half kilo would serve 5 liters of water. To cook it well, however, you need more water, especially in the smaller doses, or to cook 200 grams of pasta, which is the dose for about two people, you need at least 3 liters of water to cook it well without sticking or sticking. The amount of salt must also be reduced to seven grams or less, according to recent health standards and designed for the health of the citizen. The salt must in any case be compared to the quantity of water and never of pasta, so the classic 'pugnetto' retouched after tasting is the ideal choice to salt our pasta at the right point.